MapRun Social




Thu 22nd Apr 2021



An informal social for us to gather and do the MapRun around Lordswood at a similar time to eachother.

Turn up and start your run anytime between 18:00 and 19:00 Thursday 22nd April and hopefully see some other SOC faces out and about. Remember not to gather in large groups and observe any social distancing rules. 

This is week 3 in the MapRun League. You can do the Lordswood course at anytime from the 17th April to the 25th April. Your first time doing the course counts (but you can do it more than once if you would like!).

More details on the League here:


Rob Finch

Perhaps I should have run it on Thursday. Ran on Friday pm and control 14 on the stream in the wooded re-entrant didn't record on the MapRun app, obviously reliant on very good satellite reception, and presumably I didn't have enough reception to record anything as the MapRun trace shows I went there.