SOC Level C Hollands Wood

The results are now finalised and have been uploaded to BOF.

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Planners Comments

I hope you all enjoyed your runs today  ̶  certainly there were plenty 
of positive comments at the finish. The terrain was generally runnable, 
so in most cases straight line routes were good, although I hadn't 
appreciated that following the ride from 2-3 on the Blue would be 
quicker because of the rougher nature of that block of wood. My biggest 
challenge was the southern part of the area: that was the only place I 
could realistically put the less technical courses, but there were also 
few usable off-path features. However, I hope I made optimal use of what 
was available.

Thank you to Bernie for controlling, Kevin (with support from Peter 
Stewart) for organising, plus all of the other people who helped on the 
day. And of course, to everyone else for coming.

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Organisers Comments


Firstly, thank you all for coming along to the Hollands Wood event today. I hope you all enjoyed your runs. Though this area is very wet at this time of year it does provide good opportunities for participants to take the direct route and run on bearings. Andrew made sure you had plenty of chances to take the direct route.


I apologise for the lack of traders & food outlets at the event. As I took on the Organisers role quite late on I found I had already missed the boat and the usual providers were already booked up.


On your behalf, I would like to thank Andrew Nash (planner), Bernie Fowler (controller) and the small band of helpers who made the event happen today. Your efforts gave many people much pleasure and enjoyment.


Kevin Bracher (Organiser)