SOC Level C & SCOL 5


Sun 15th Jan 2017

Type or Series

Level C and SCOA League Event 5


Hollands Wood Campsite. Lyndhurst Rd, Nr Brockenhurst. SU304034, SO42 7QH

Grid Reference


Planner:     Andrew Nash    SOC

Organiser:  Kevin Bracher  SOC    Assistant; Peter Stewart

Controller: Bernie Fowler   BAOC


White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Short Green, Green, Blue & Brown.


Adults £8 - £10 , Under25s / Juniors £4. Emit hire £1.50 adults, Juniors Free.

Map Scale

1 : 10,000

Entry Fees:

Pre Entry On Line Using Fabian 4:

  Adult BOF Members £8   Non Members £10.

Juniors / Under 25yrs. £4

Emit Hire: Adults £1.50  juniors /under 25yrs. Free Hire.

On the Day Entry Fees:

Adults  £10.

Juniors / Under 25yrs. £4

Emit Hire: Adults £1.50  juniors /under 25yrs. Free Hire.



Mostly open runnable typical new forest woodland and enclosure. Take care on forestry roads. The main forest roads are cycle routes so beware of cyclists There are some ponds in the northern part of the area which may be deep. The low lying/flat parts of the natural Forest are very wet.


I'dlike to come along and run non-competitively with my 7 year old son.  I realise this is short notice but was wondering whether you're agreeable to two non-BOF members taking part in this way?

Kind regards,


In reply to by Tim Clark (not verified)

Tim - at a level C event like this that's absolutely fine. It's at the discretion of those on registration as to quite how they'd charge you but, if you're happy to share a map, I suggest you enter your son and say that you will be shadowing him round ;)

I cannot get the Fabian4 site to display my start time. Any ideas?