SOC Level C and SCOL 4 - Ashurst

Well we had a superd day to enjoy Bill's courses that made the most of the area.


The results above are now finalised and you can see your ranking points here.

The event is on Route Gadget:

Organisers Report

Thank you to all the runners for comming to the event,seeing you all there makes the preparation worth while.

Thank you too, to all the helpers on the day and before the event.

We have had problems in the past with controls going missing, particularly from the area around Lyndhurst, so we had Gillian out, disgused as a dog walker.  Ian and Simon also kept watch in a later shift.  Fortunately we had no problems on this occasion.

It is relatively new for SOC to be using pre-entry at Level C events.  It certainly helps the registration queue.  Up until now I have thought that using pre-entry reduces the total entry, because people assue that the maps will run out and don't want to risk comming late.  With 276 runners, I don't think that has happened on this occasion.

The pre-entries also lead to more complexities of pre-allocation of emit cards and using the MTR0 in the start lane.

Peter Stewart (SOC)

 Planners Comments

Ashford and Matley is just that bit different from other mapped areas of the New Forest and this provided me as planner with interesting challenges. Hope this also applied to you as competitors and that you enjoyed the event.Many thanks to Martin Cross whose contribution as Controller was much appreciated. Thanks also to Peter for his thorough organisation and to all helpers.Bill Davidson (SOC)



We were able to enjoy a beautiful sunlit day in the New Forest on 4 December, with courses making the most of the areas of runnable woodland.

There was a good spread of times on all the courses, with some fast winning times. Those were the consequence of ten days or more without rain (unusual for the end of November), and times would have been significantly slower if there had been recent wet weather, as the ground conditions here deteriorate rapidly in those circumstances.

Bill Davidson’s courses were an admirable mixture of legs requiring an attention to detail and others where there was a premium on being able to maintain a bearing for some distance. My thanks to him and his team of SOC assistants for making the life of the Controller very easy on this occasion! The area was not easy for planning White and Yellow courses, but the liberal use of streamers and smiley faces gave younger competitors an excellent experience.

Thanks too to the Organiser, Peter Stewart, for his meticulous attention to detail, which resulted in a first-rate day for competitors.


Martin Cross (WIM)

Lost Property: 1:25,000 OS map of New Forest

Organiser: Peter Stewart - fixtures [at]

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Loveley area good map & course thank you.

Best wishes


Fantastic area - the most runnable I've been to in years! Very enjoyable course, thank you.