Wessex Night League

That time has come when the evenings get dark earlier, so why not dust off your headtorch and get involved in some night orienteering?
The Wessex Night League is a fun series of 20 events throughout the winter and across the "Wessex region", see the flyer attached.
The events are a standard one hour score event with bonuses if you get all the controls! The terrain is very variable and includes forest, urban and park landscapes sometimes in isolation or sometimes in a combination of all 3.
There are 3 SOC events on the list so any offers of help to myself or Terry Sankey would be appreciated.
These events are sociable and quite often run from pubs so drinking and eating opportunities are available post event, and sharing transport to them is a really good idea, Rob Finch committee member is interested in doing that so please contact him, robertfinch615(at)googlemail.com.

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