Fritham, New Forest


Sat 12th Oct 2019


10:15 - 12:45


10:30 - 13:00


Regional (C)

Type or Series

SCOA League


Janesmoor Pond

Grid Reference



Pete Davis


David Currie


Allan Farrington (BAOC)

BO Event ID



Brown, Blue, Green, Short Green, Light Green, Orange, Yellow, White

Map Scale


Courses close: 15:00

Enter Online

Final Details updated - minor changes to risks and hazards. (see below) 

Entry fees:

  • Beginner and Novice courses (Orange, Yellow, White) £3 per map. i.e. a family of 4 using one map pays £3.
  • All other courses:
     - Adult £12
     - Adult BOF member online £9 (closing date 6 Oct)
     - Adult BOF member entry on the day £11
     - Under 25 £5
  • Timing device hire (Emit card)
     - Adult £1.50
     - Under 25 free


  • Tom's Food Wagon
  • Ultrasport
  • Toilets

If you're going, interested in going or even want to promote the event to friends and family, go to the event on Facebook

50% discount for club members who help on the day. Please email Pete if you are available to help.

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Sir Ian Diamond becomes UK National Statistician

Those of you in SOC around 30 years ago (and I know there are a good number of you!) will remember Ian Diamond, who has since had a very successful career in academia. In 2013 Ian got knighted for services to social statistics, in tribute to which Colin Hicks published an amusing bio.

However, even if Ian's orienteering wasn't always in the top percentile, he's continued to do better than average professionally and has now been appointed as the UK's National Statistician, effectively the most senior statistician in government.

However, Ian isn't the first former SOC member to attain that status, as Tim Holt filled a similar role in the 1990s. The probability of that occurring by chance seems so low that I can only conclude that the mental challenge of navigating around the New Forest must sharpen the statistical brain!

Well done Sir Ian!


Better Orienteering

With apologies to those who have already read the article in the latest copy of CompassSport magazine, Julian and I thought it was worthwhile drawing your attention to the excellent new website put together by Duncan Bayliss from Wrekin Orienteers. The Better Orienteering site is a gold mine of information for anyone looking to improve their orienteering from beginner to experienced competitor. There are articles covering different techniques, a questionnaire to help you determine where to focus on improving your orienteering and guidance on post-race analysis. There are also resources to download, videos to watch and suggestions for further reading. Well worth taking a look!